All On Esports Activators specializes in assisting academic institutions launch and run successful esports programs. Schools, big and small all across the country and internationally are building and launching esports programs. We’re here to help you create a successful program and can assist at every step of the journey.


Patrick McCarthy
I came from starting my college’s team, working at Intel as the collegiate esports expert, and now working as a freelance consultant to help academic institutions across the country start their own esports program. Anywhere in your journey from getting school funds, to playing in your first match, AOE Activators can help at any step along the way.


Petitioning the Administration

Getting the school board to believe in the program is paramount

Finding Coaches/Staff

Good coaches and staff are necessary to run the day to day

Competitive Success

Learn the best practice methods

Navigating Federations

Join one of the many collegiate esports federations to get involved

Branding and Marketing

Build a brand that your school will be proud of

…And more!

Let’s get started

Feel free to reach out to schedule a no-obligation one hour conversation to learn more about what AOE Activators can do for you.