How the New California Bill That Allows Athletes to Get Paid Affects Collegiate Esports

California bill SB 206 unanimously passed with bipartisan support, and the NCAA is not happy. This bill would allow students to be compensated for use of their likeness and image. So, a college athlete can be in a car commercial and get paid for it. Crazy, right? Well the NCAA says it will “upend” theContinue reading “How the New California Bill That Allows Athletes to Get Paid Affects Collegiate Esports”

Gaming Houses: A Dying Fad

“Gaming houses” are the most common way esports teams and organization houses their players. A team will buy a house and have all their players and coaching staff live in the house. This makes it easier for teams to live and breathe the game they play. But they’re going away, and for good reason. TeamContinue reading “Gaming Houses: A Dying Fad”

Auto Chess and Team Fight Tactics, What gives?

MOBA’s and autobattlers have a lot in common. The biggest autobattlers are game modes in popular MOBAs and both genres started out as a fan mod for an existing game. Autobattlers started out as a fan mod to the popular MOBA, Dota 2. Autobattlers are the hottest new genre in 2019 with big names likeContinue reading “Auto Chess and Team Fight Tactics, What gives?”

My experience with collegiate esports

My career in college started at a small public school called Western Oregon University. I didn’t know anyone there, so I went to their League of Legends club. This club was much cooler than I thought it was going to be. It took up two separate computer labs and already had official Riot goodies thatContinue reading “My experience with collegiate esports”