The Most Important Move in Streaming

“Ninja”, the gaming superstar who is considered the biggest twitch streamer has recently moved to Microsoft owned “Mixer”. That day, mixer became the number 1 trending app on the Apple app store. Since it’s creation, Twitch has been the top live streaming service for gaming. With Ninja going to mixer, we may finally see someContinue reading “The Most Important Move in Streaming”

What A Collegiate Esports Coach Should Do in the Off Season

For every game, the off season differs. For this article I will be basing the coaching on the most popular collegiate esports title “League of Legends.” The off season for League of Legends is a tricky thing to navigate for coaches. When competitive games stop being played, the patches cater more towards solo queue players.Continue reading “What A Collegiate Esports Coach Should Do in the Off Season”

A 16 Year Old won 3 Million Dollars

Kyle Giersdorf, AKA Bugha, has just won the Fortnite solos world championship. No, the prize pool wasn’t $3 million, that was his share of the $30 million prize pool. I am not going to talk about the rise of esports by comparing how much money is won, I don’t need to. Seeing the figures isContinue reading “A 16 Year Old won 3 Million Dollars”

Does nationality affect esports success? (League of Legends)

Most people know that Korea has been a power house of esports since the beginning, but do we know what country comes second? It’s not obvious and really depends on the game, but the general consensus is that Korea is #1. In League of Legends, teams are allowed 2 imports per starting roster. This isContinue reading “Does nationality affect esports success? (League of Legends)”

Commentary on the discourse of labels in esports

There’s lots of confusion when it comes to the word “esports.” Lots of people don’t know what it is, if it’s a sport, or even how to spell it (lower case s). Wikipedia defines esports as a “form of competition using video games.” Does that mean when my friends and I get together for springContinue reading “Commentary on the discourse of labels in esports”

Auto Chess and Team Fight Tactics, What gives?

MOBA’s and autobattlers have a lot in common. The biggest autobattlers are game modes in popular MOBAs and both genres started out as a fan mod for an existing game. Autobattlers started out as a fan mod to the popular MOBA, Dota 2. Autobattlers are the hottest new genre in 2019 with big names likeContinue reading “Auto Chess and Team Fight Tactics, What gives?”

The First Esports Degree

It was only last year that I predicted colleges would want to eventually integrate academics with their esports programs. I thought UCI was ahead of the game as they have a for credit class that deals with esports as well as a Twitch streaming workshop. Last week Becker College announced an esports management degree, rocketingContinue reading “The First Esports Degree”

UCI eSports Arena and Alienware’s Training Facility, Comparisons and Lessons

On September 23, 2016, UC Irvine in California opened up their esports arena. As of July 2018, it remains the largest and most impressive collegiate esports facility. What separates it from other collegiate esports facilities is its purpose. It’s more than an arena, it’s a full-on student body recreation center for esports. There are highContinue reading “UCI eSports Arena and Alienware’s Training Facility, Comparisons and Lessons”