The Most Important Move in Streaming

“Ninja”, the gaming superstar who is considered the biggest twitch streamer has recently moved to Microsoft owned “Mixer”. That day, mixer became the number 1 trending app on the Apple app store.

Since it’s creation, Twitch has been the top live streaming service for gaming. With Ninja going to mixer, we may finally see some real competition for Twitch. This is coming at a time where there is controversy surrounding how Twitch deals with breaks in their terms of service. There have been a handful of people who were punished because a Twitch moderator thought they heard them saying the N word when it was just a similar sounding word or an accent. A popular female streamer called “Alinity” was recently seen feeding vodka to her cat and then proceeding to throw the cat off the desk. People are irked that borderline animal abuse isn’t punished while the streamer “TF blade” can say “these idiots” with an accent and get banned because someone at Twitch heard the N word.

People constantly complain about how “unfairly” the Twitch TOS (terms of service) is enforced. My opinion is that Twitch has no inclination to be “fair” when their number one goal is to make money. The recent heightened sensitivity to keep content PC was started on youtube when a bunch of sponsors threatened to leave due to some of the content on youtube not being deemed PC. Twitch is likely under the same pressure from sponsors. It is a company, it does not have opinions, it does not get offended from use of a racial slur. Twitch wants to keep their sponsors and their biggest streamers, “Alinity” being one of them.

I’m interested to see what Microsoft does. Do they think that more lax enforcement of TOS will attract enough new users to counter the possibility that sponsors pull out from the platform? Will they even get big enough for any of this to matter? Only time will tell.


Published by Patrick McCarthy

An esports professional wanting to share my thoughts on this exciting space.

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